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Consolidating capabilities. Strengthening competencies.

Functions of the Union Agricole Holding AG

The Union Agricole executes a wide range of functions for the integrated companies. In order to optimally benefit from the potential for success, it structures and bundles competences centrally.

Strategic marketing for superior performance in international animal production

Markets change continually, and the companies organised within Union Agricole consequently need to evolve constantly to ensure their long-term success. Identifying opportunities more quickly than competitors, and assessing risks with greater accuracy – Union Agricole supports associated companies through strategic market and competitive analyses, market entry and expansion strategies and the design of business models.

Strategic Marketing
Strategic marketing

Know-how-transfer: Knowledge is strength. Exchanging knowledge boosts strength.

Union Agricole's associated companies are closely networked with each other and have implemented well-organised knowledge management processes. Union Agricole promotes the active transfer of knowledge to allow potential for success to be fully utilised and methods, processes and products to be continually optimised. This in turn allows companies to respond to the complex challenges of future markets rapidly, confidently and effectively and to deliver high-quality solutions


Product deployment: Ensuring worldwide product availability

Supplying international markets with world-class animal feed products constitutes an enormous challenge. Union Agricole provides its associated companies with central administration, close networking and state-of-the-art logistics systems to support them in supplying their customers with the desired products in sufficient volumes at the right time.

Product deployment
Product deployment

Market information management: for a superior competitive positioning

Given today’s rapidly changing markets, market information is steadily gaining importance, particularly in terms of strategic planning. The intensive exchange of information boosts the success of measures and decisions, as opportunities can be better identified and utilised. Union Agricole supports its associated companies in controlling their various information and communications processes.

Market information management
Market information management

Innovation management: extend the lead

Union Agricole’s associated companies have been among the worldwide leaders in innovative value-adding production for many decades. By delivering high-quality feeds and providing creative, highly competent employees, Union Agricole supports associated companies in accelerating the pace of innovation from the initial analysis of requirements through to the development and manufacture of products at market maturity. This ensures that each company is able to sustainably build on its innovative edge within its field of competence and its markets.

Innovation management

Promotion of sustainability: take responsibility

Union Agricole has promoted the sustainable use of all resources within associated companies since the holding was founded. Sustainability management takes into account economic, ecological and social aspects based on a triple bottom line approach to ensure that the needs of current and future generations are met.