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Aerial View of Huelsenberg estate
Gut Hülsenberg

The Huelsenberg estate

H. Wilhelm Schaumann purchased Gut Hülsenberg in 1953 to intensify practice-oriented experimental work in collaboration with scientific institutions. Over several decades, the estate was gradually developed into a renowned research and communications centre for animal feeds, husbandry and production with about 650 ha operating area.

All Schaumann products were tested extensively on Hülsenberg Estate as part of their development to market maturity. However, rapid structural change resulted in different demands being placed on research and development, which required a reorientation.

All scientific activity is focused within ISF Schaumann Research, which works in close cooperation with renowned national and international universities and research institutes. Hülsenberg Estate continues to work as a large agricultural business and provides the company with valuable direct insights into the operating conditions of a working farm.