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Breeding sows on pasture
It all started with an idea.

History of the Union Agricole

The history of the Union Agricole Holding AG begins with the foundation of the H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH in 1938. The core area of the mineral and active substance production with intensive research and development gave the impulse for the expansion of the business divisions.

The Vision

H. Wilhelm Schaumann

This is the year when the first company of the Schaumann Group was started with the production of vitamin concentrates from cod liver oil and fish oil for use in animal nutrition. Fishery by-products were in plentiful supply at that time and the demand for high quality feed for farm animals was strong. H. Wilhelm Schaumann is successful and continues working towards his vision, namely progress in agricultural production through supplementation of livestock diets with vitamins other agents.

The Schaumann-Concept

Individual technical advice belongs to the Schaumann concept, 1948

H. Wilhelm Schaumann develops the innovative Schaumann Concept of home-produced feedingstuffs supplemented with Schaumann products to help farmers "breed success". Customers benefit from individual technical advice. The first issue of the in-house magazine for farmers "Tierernährung" ("Animal Nutrition"), the precursor of "Erfolg im Stall" ("Schaumann Breeds Success"), is published.

Acquisition of the Hülsenberg estate

Aerial photograph of Gut Hülsenberg, 1953

The company acquires the Hülsenberg estate and turns it into an experimental farm. This provides optimal conditions for field trials and SCHAUMANN is now able to establish a close link between production and research.

Moving towards modern animal production

Air transport Holstein Frisian

The efficiency of livestock production is increased substantially through innovations such as the first HF crosses in cattle and the introduction of artificial insemination for pigs.

Subsidiary set-up in Austria

Building of Schaumann Austria, 1961

In order to establish the successful Schaumann animal feeding concept in German-speaking countries and the eastern states, a company is founded on the outskirts of Vienna and a small company is set up. Since then, this has become the market leader for advanced feeding systems in Austria.

Subsidiary set-up in Switzerland


First "Hülsenberger Gespräche" - a scientific workshop on progress in agriculture

Hülsenberger Gespräche, 1965

The success of the exchange of qualified experts and scientists to the 25th anniversary celebration of  Schaumann in 1963 was the occasion for the birth of the Hülsenberger Gespräche, which take place in a 2-year cycle as an exchange with the agricultural research company.

Foundation of Union Agricole Holding AG


Union Agricole Holding AG is set up as a holding company for the different activities of the Schaumann Group.

Creation of the H. Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation


The foundation is established to promote agricultural sciences and the development of animal nutrition and livestock farming. It supports interdisciplinary research, promotes young scientists and serves communication.

Purchase of the Taufkirchen production plant

Schaumann production plant Taufkirchen, 1972

Construction of the administrative building in Pinneberg

Construction of the administrative building in Pinneberg, 1974

Schaumann production plant in Feuchtwangen

Construction of the Schaumann Feuchtwangen production plant, 1979

Growing demand for Schaumann products in Germany leads to the construction and commissioning of the mineral feed factory in Feuchtwangen.

Foundation of the ISF Schaumann Forschung

ISF building in Wahlstedt, 1984

The newly established ISF Schaumann Forschung in Wahlstedt carries out in-depth and structured research work in the areas of animal feed and nutrition physiology.  

Acquisition of HAKRA in Hamburg (Hanseatische Kraftfutterwerke)

HAKRA building in Hamburg, 1985

At the Hamburg site, high-quality power feeds for breeding pigs, piglets and fattening pigs is produced.

Schaumann grows: production and international sales

New building of Schaumann plant in Eilsleben, 1993
  • Commissioning of the Schaumann plant in Eilsleben
  • Subsidiary set-up in the Czech Republic - Schaumann CR s.r.o
  • Subsidiary set-up in Slovakia - Schaumann slovensko

Subsidiary set-up in Poland


Bonsilage range of silage additives


H. Wilhelm Schaumann GmbH launches its proprietary Bonsilage range of biological silage additives.

Progress through probiotics


Thanks to forward-thinking investments in research, ISF Schaumann Forschung develops special knowledge in the area of probiotics. Bonvital probiotics for pigs and the new line of Schaumalac products are successfully introduced. They are created in anticipation of the later ban on the use of antibiotic performance enhancers in pig feed

Construction of the Ligrana production plant

New building Ligrana plant in Eilsleben, 2004

The state-of-the-art acid mixing plant produces a variety of acid-based preservatives, supplementary feedstuffs and feed additive mixtures for agriculture.

20 years of "Hülsenberger Gespräche"


Innovation and set-ups


The latest innovation from ISF Schaumann Forschung is the biological silage additive Silasil Energy range of biological silage additives designed specifically for energy plants used in biogas production.


  •  H. Wilhelm Schaumann Tierfutter GmbH, Hungary
  • Schaumann France SARL, France


  • Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH in Germany
  • Schaumann BioEnergy GmbH & Co. KG in Austria
  • Schaumann OOO Agri Russia

Construction of the 750 kW biogas plant on the Hülsenberg estate

Construction of the 750 kW biogas plant on the Hülsenberg estate, 2008

Gut Hülsenberg builds a biogas plant creating opportunities for the research, development, production and sale of biogas products that can be used to prepare substrates and optimise fermentation processes.

Subsidiary set-ups

  • Schaumann Agri d.o.o., Croatia
  • Schaumann Agri UA, Ukraine

Restructuring and subsidiary set-ups


Creation of individual holding structures for the biotechnology and renewable energies sectors.


  • Schaumann Agri SRL, Romania
  • Schaumann Italia srl, Italy
  • Schaumann Agri Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd, China

Market launch of the organically-bound Aminotrace trace elements


Relocation of the ISF Schaumann Forschung

New building ISF laboratory and technical complex, 2013


  • Rumivital - fermentation product to increase the digestion of nutrients in the rumen
  • Aktimag – organically bound magnesium with high bioavailability

Foundation of Schaumann Vietnam Company Limited


EU approval of innovative Aminotrace-Lysinates


The first, and until now only, organically-bound trace elements based on lysine chelates receive EU approval for all animal species.

Innovation: Bonsilage silage additives with new uses


The Bonsilage range of specific biological silage additives features three product lines: 

  • Bonsilage Basic for measurably higher feed quality, 
  • Bonsilage Speed for measurably faster ensiling and 
  • Bonsilage Fit for measurable gains in cow fitness.


New logo and innovations at Schaumann


The unique and patented manufacturing process for surface area enlargement and the activation of the molecular structure – first that of zinc oxide, later that of copper and magnesium oxide – lays the foundations for a new spectrum of highly-effective micronised trace elements that have a range of positive effects on animal feed.  

  • MiZi – when given to calves, micronised zinc oxide attains additional functional properties that are comparable to the effects of pharmacological doses of ZnO, even when used in small amounts. 
  • Rindavital Balance - Rumen-protected amino acids for cow-friendly high performance. 

MiCu - Micronised copper promotes health and performance in piglets


Innovation and growth


MiMag - micronised magnesium oxide represents a highly available source of magnesium with an excellent buffer capacity.

“ISF Analytics” is created by ISF Schaumann Forschung and deals with all areas of biogas analytics.